To be a worldwide top level supplier of first class ornamental rocks, responsibly extracting and processing raw materials by taking good care of our common environment, applying the best industry practices, and respecting the cultures and ways of living of the peoples in the countries in which we develop our operations.

Namibe – Angola Operation

Virei is a town and municipality of the Namibe Province in Angola.
The Municipality has 15.092 km² and approximately 117,233 thousand habitants. It is 130 km from the city of Moçâmedes.
Average Weather: 27 °C, Wind from E at 13 km/h, Humidity 18%.

We intend to explore marbles in two Mué Hamapengue Mines 1 and 2 are intended for 90% export to attract foreign exchange. The other 10% will be destined to the domestic market, and this measure is deliberated by the Ministry of Geology and Mines of Angola. It will count in the first 5 years with an effectiveness of 22 workers, predicting increases that will reach 50%, in 35 years, lifetime of the Quarry.

Our Project was prepared in a cautious, structural way and was judged on the basis of the results of the investigation and research carried out by the company and by experts in the field, where it is possible to better understand the mineralogical characteristics that appear along the massif.